Monday, July 14, 2014

Featured 7-14-2014: The Collaborative for Student Success

The Collaborative
The Collaborative for Student Success is a grant-making initiative that pools the resources of a diverse group of education foundations.

The Collaborative 1
Committed to improving public education, the members of the Collaborative for Student Success share the concept that successfully putting the Common Core State Standards into effect is important to ensuring that all students are prepared for school and life.
Their mission is to "support the state-led efforts of State Education Agencies and local education organizations responsible for educating and informing all stakeholders—parents, students, teachers and community leaders—about the new state standards and assessments."
The Collaborative is providing grants to:
  • aid state and local efforts to effectively inform about the standards and assessments.
  • ensure that teachers’ voices are heard both locally and nationally as implementation moves forward.
  • involve higher education leaders and business representatives in dialogue about the standards.
The Collaborative 2 
Thus far, Collaborative for Student Success grantees have included groups representing state departments of education, state advocacy organizations, educator-led organizations, faith-based organizations, and local chambers of commerce.


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