Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Featured 7-8-2014: Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil

Timeline World War 2 is a definitive history of the Second World War, presented by broadcaster Robert MacNeil.

Timeline 1
Timeline World War 2 for the iPad features a zoomable interactive timeline that dramatically alters how history can be viewed and understood, bringing to life the events of 70 years ago for a 21st century audience.
With more than a hundred films from the archives of British Pathé and US broadcasters, additional commentary by Robert MacNeil, over 600 still images, and 1500 written entries provide the viewer an insight into the events of WW2.
Timeline World War 2 key features:
  • Search and filter the event timeline to focus on content that most interests you.
  • A dynamic map of the war, showing invasions, occupations, allegiances, fronts and country boundary changes.
  • The location feature on timeline items can be used to see where each event took place on the world map.
  • Over 100 WW2 US and UK (British Pathé) newsreels from the declaration of war to the dropping of the atomic bomb.
  • Choose from the original newsreel audio, or Robert MacNeil's commentary.
  • Watch the films that interest you in the order of your choosing, either on your iPad, or on your television with AirPlay.
Timeline 2

Timeline World War 2 is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is available for $9.99 (USD) from the iTunes App Store.

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