Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catch of the Day - BigPictureSmallWorld - Jun 9, 2010


BigPictureSmallWorld provides educational, training, and consulting programs that are meant to inform, inspire, and empower. They work with schools, colleges, corporations, and other organizations to turn information overload into sensible knowledge leading to effective action.


BigPictureSmallWorld's goal is to motivate students, teachers, and others about global challenges and how they can participate in shaping the world. Simulations, games, videos, lectures, assemblies, teacher development, consulting, books, and curriculum materials are all used to accomplish this task.


Experiential Learning Games are interactive simulations delivered by the BigPictureSmallWorld staff at your school, enabling students to learn about critical issues in a relatively short period of time, while having fun.

The Experiential Learning Games ...

  • PresidentialAdvisor Game
  • Climate ChangeGame
  • Climate Change Interactive Lecture
  • Globalization 101
  • CampusGreenGame
  • Orientation Game
  • Leadership Game
  • BigPicture HistoryBlast
  • PeaceGame
  • CityGame


The Global Education Workshops from BigPictureSmallWorld are full-day programs for teachers and administrators on global education. These hands-on, intensive workshops, delivered by educators with over 60 years of global education experience, provide everything from global perspectives to lesson plans and supplementary materials for the classroom.


View the Global Education Workshopflyer (PDF)

Medard Gabel, founder of BigPictureSmallWorld, has conducted workshops, consulted, and lectured for hundreds of corporations, colleges, universities, high schools, organizations, and governments throughout the world.


Watch a video introduction to BigPictureSmallWorld



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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Really neat site, there is so much here, I am having a great time going through the interactives.

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