Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Catch of the Day - My Words - Jun 16, 2010


My Words is a free website for those teaching or learning English. Using My Words, you can improve and test your vocabulary.


My Words offers several tools to facilitate English learning.

The core tool, My Words, enables you to create and maintain individual vocabulary portfolios by constructing personalized glossaries and assessing your learning progress. Full lexical information (e.g. definitions, synonyms and antonyms, spoken pronunciation, frequency, sample sentences, etc.) is provided. Maintain and enhance your glossaries, which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Identify your vocabulary level through a number of assessment methods.


The My Words Toolbar is a browser (IE or Firefox, Windows) add-on toolbar to capture new words or phrases on any web page and add them to your own personal word list. The toolbar allows you to look up information from several web sources such as the Cambridge dictionary and Wikipedia. Listen to the pronunciation of any highlighted text. Learn vocabulary from anywhere.


Check My Words is a toolbar that can be installed in Microsoft Word that helps you write accurately and fluently. It shows you how words combine in English, explains most of the common errors made by learners of English, and more.


Nano is a desktop reference tool that gives you access to different English resources. The dictionary includes more than 70,000 definitions, word classes, translations, example sentences, and word families. Images are used to illustrate the meaning of words. Included is a game gadget you can use to review the vocabulary you store in My Words.

Say It Right! is an online program that uses text-to-speech technology to convert English text into natural sounding speech. You can slow down or speed up the spoken text and see a real-time display of the corresponding mouth movements for any sound or word.

Mark My Words is a toolbar for MS Word that lets an instructor insert comments in students' written assignments. Teachers can insert ‘resource-rich’ comments as feedback, without having to rewrite students’ texts. These comments automatically direct students to detailed online explanations, lookup tools, etc.



Watch a video pitch for My Words


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

What a neat tool! I think this would also be a nice way for elementary students to build their own virtual word walls. They can collect new words that they learn and words that may be a challenge for them to spell.

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