Monday, June 7, 2010

Catch of the Day - Our Documents - Jun 7, 2010

Our Documents is a national initiative on American history, civics, and service.

Our Documents invites all Americans to participate in a series of events and programs to generate thinking, talking, and teaching about the rights and responsibilities of US citizens. There are 100 milestone documents of American history that reflect American diversity and unity, our past and future.

Our Documents
offers a number of ways to read these milestone documents, consider their meaning, discuss them, and decide which are the most significant and why.

Our Documents includes all the resources you need to participate in the initiative. A valuable resource for working with the 100 milestone documents in the classroom is the downloadable 76-page Teacher Sourcebook in PDF.

Other available tools for teachers ...
  • Meeting Standards with Our Documents - Get your students involved with Our Documents and standards with this teaching suggestion.
  • Numerous, Various, Revealing, Ubiquitous, and Teachable Documents - Creative teaching suggestions for introducing students to the milestone documents and reinforcing their significance through related documents.
  • The Our Documents Book - “Our Documents: 100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives” is a commemorative book of the 100 milestone documents that have shaped our nation.
  • Ideas for Librarians - Suggestions for enhancing your library with materials and resources.
  • Integrating into the Classroom - Suggestions and lesson ideas for integrating into your social studies classroom.
  • The New Poster - Download and display the Our Documents poster in your classroom, library, or office.

The Our Documents initiative is a cooperative effort among National History Day, The National Archives and Records Administration, and USA Freedom Corps.


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