Friday, June 11, 2010

Catch of the Day - The Learning Network - Jun 11, 2010

The Learning Network has been providing teaching and learning ideas and resources for 11 years as a sub-site.  It was recently remade as a full blog, but still offers the same core features while adding new ones.


Each weekday The Learning Network offers free educational resources related to articles, images, videos, and podcasts published in the New York Times.


The Learning Network has Lesson Plans across the curriculum based on New York Times content. These are categorized by topic such as American history, civics, current events, math, language arts, media studies, and more.


In the Student Opinion section, students 13 and older are invited to comment on issues in the news. Recent topics included "Who Are the Beloved Figures in Your School Community?," Does Your Generation Have Too Much Self Esteem?, and "Do You Have a Summer Job?"

Other featured content …

  • Daily News Quiz
  • 6 Q's About the News
  • Word of the Day
  • Student Crossword
  • On This Day in History
  • Great Ideas From Readers
  • More


You can subscribe to The Learning Network's daily e-mail that includes summaries of that day’s Lesson Plan, Student Opinion question, and Word of the Day.


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