Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch of the Day - - 2/16/2011

The objective of is to level the education playing field by bringing the best teachers in the country together and making them available to everyone.

20110209-jee7mtpbigy2g5t5x555n8phjg.jpg is designed to provide everything a learner needs to succeed by creating a one-to-one learning environment with the instructor. An emphasis is placed on graphical explanations and working through solutions. Each lecture video is accompanied by detailed notes featuring the lesson's most important points and common student stumbling blocks.


An interesting feature is a powerful search engine that locates the exact time in a lecture that a topic is discussed. Instructors moderate student comments to make sure students' questions are answered.


With, students have an opportunity to get the best possible education even when their teachers are unavailable to them.


  • Students can learn at home. Learning does not stop when students leave school.
  • At home, learning is self-paced with no peer pressure or fear of failure.
  • The comprehensive syllabus and searchable videos cover almost all curriculums.


20110209-qsf1yjn3x42j4ar4mfij4c2xbi.jpg covers mathematics, science, and computer programming at the high school and college levels.



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Mrs. Tenkely said...

The search feature is fantastic! Wish that all videos had this!

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