Monday, February 7, 2011

Catch of the Day - Microsoft Education - 2/7/2011

Microsoft Education offers several free interactive classroom tools to help engage students in a number of subject areas. These tools can be used to encourage individual learning or to create engaging, dynamic group projects.


Microsoft Education provides these tools to help you motivate and inspire your students, engage with multimedia, and work together with students and other teachers.


Some of the tools designed to engage students:

  • Auto Collage - create a unique piece of art using this collage-making tool
  • WorldWide Telescope - explore the night sky by panning and zooming to distant planets and galaxies
  • Songsmith - bring out the musical creativity in your students
  • Windows Live Movie Maker - turn photos and video clips into movies and slideshows
  • Photo Story - easily create a slideshow with just a few clicks

Tools for collaboration include a free PowerPoint add-in, Mouse Mischief, that lets students use mice to respond, and Windows Live SkyDrive with access to 25 Gb of free, online storage.


These Microsoft Education tools are free to download, and for the most part, don’t require any special training. You and your students should be able to start using them right away.


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