Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch of the Day - Perfect800 - 2/14/2011

Perfect800 is a solution for students trying to increase their SAT Math score. Perfect800's library of SAT Math questions, answers, and explanations is a free resource for improving students' SAT Math scores.


Perfect800 works "to uncover each and every 'trick' for our students, so they are fully prepared for test day. We have similarly embedded all answer choices with unique tags so that we can identify when students 'fall for' trick answers, or in other terms, calculate the incorrect answer using inputs from the given information." Perfect800 works interactively with individual students to identify problem areas and point out the “trick answers".


Perfect800 is a problem-based learning solution supplemented with lesson plans. Teachers have the flexibility to use Perfect800 as a complement to other SAT prep methods or as a stand-alone program. Perfect800 has lesson plans to use as reference points during practice. If a student is having difficulty, he can simply go to the section of the lesson plan that addresses the sticking point, making studying more efficient.


Perfect800 content, question explanations, challenges, lesson plans, etc, has been developed by former SAT instructors who received perfect scores on the exam. The lead content developer, Robert Gange, majored in Math at UC Berkeley.


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