Wednesday, February 1, 2012

COD - 2/1/2012 - Sophia [Community]


Sophia is an academic community where everyone has access to learning that encompasses and supports the traditional classroom.


Sophia is a social teaching and learning platform that provides learners everywhere with access to a wealth of knowledge, help, instruction, standards-aligned content, and expertise.

What teachers can do with Sophia:

  • Provide differentiated instruction to support what is covered in the classroom.
  • Publish multimedia learning packets to engage students in a meaningful way.
  • Flip the classroom by assigning learning packets as homework to replace the daily lecture, leaving in-class time for working through problems, questions, and answers.
  • Create a private environment where members can share learning content and ideas, ask questions, and get answers.
  • Assigning students the creation of learning packets as a way to creatively demonstrate they understand a core concept.

Learners can use Sophia for homework help, to participate in study groups, and to help others.



Watch the video: This Is Sophia, And This Is Just The Beginning

Sophia connects learners, teachers, parents, and education experts to "encourage variety and creativity in teaching so that everyone can learn in a way that makes sense to them."


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