Thursday, February 16, 2012

COD - 2/16/2012 - ePals [Community]


ePals is a platform designed to show teachers how to use technology strategically to promote meaningful teaching and learning and to bring together teachers and students from around the globe.


ePals hopes to achieve this by "creating a safe and secure content-rich environment that challenges students and educators to research smartly, collaborate with other learners of all ages, think critically, problem-solve, and communicate their learning using various web 2.0 tools."

To this end, ePals provides digital content intended for collaboration and self-directed learning. At the same time, by providing professional development, curriculum, and other resources, ePals helps teachers learn to integrate technology effectively in their classrooms,.

Meaningful content and experiences that require teamwork, digital literacy skills, higher-level thinking and communication are the standard of authentic ePals projects where students and teachers learn and work together.


ePals reaches into 200 countries and territories providing a potent network effect bringing together students and educators based on areas of interest and geography. The ePals network connects students with others with whom they share a common enthusiasm, both locally and around the world.


Watch a video: ePals-The Basics

An innovative set of role-based permissions and policy management technologies give schools and educators the ability to manage what students see and with whom they interact. ePals' policy management technology implements regulatory frameworks, such as COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).


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