Wednesday, February 8, 2012

COD - 2/8/2012 - [Social Studies]


The beta site offers an expanded and updated library of National Geographic’s popular education content with a wide range of free educational resources that bring geography, science, and social studies to life for both teachers and students.

20120130-gxgdjufhbexhnscppf5g4srham.jpg includes a new feature called Audience View that allows visitors to see versions of materials aimed specifically at teachers, informal educators, families, students, or kids. Different versions include changes in look-and-feel, organization, and text. When you search for content, you can filter by audience to go directly to the most appropriate version.


National Geographic’s exemplary media and expert resources are integrated into to provide you with engaging instructional materials. The available multimedia includes photos, videos, illustrations, diagrams, and cartoons. A new feature called a resource carousel provides all the media you need right at your fingertips.


Interactive maps with thematic data layers and customizable black-and-white outline maps are among the new mapping tools at FieldScope is a web-based mapping, analysis, and collaboration platform designed to engage students as citizen scientists investigating real-world issues.

A new search tool allows you to search by keyword and see results for, for all of National Geographic, or for our Thinkfinity partners. You can filter results by grade and age, type of resource, and subject. To make it easier to use it flexibly and in a variety of ways, content on the new site is modular.

Note: At this time, is still under development, so you can see only some of the planned features and content.


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