Friday, March 30, 2012

CK-12 Flexbooks: Next Generation of Flexbooks

CK-12, first mentioned here in July 2010, is working to establish the development and distribution of quality educational content that can be used as core texts as well as to provide a flexible context for learning.


In June, CK-12 Foundation is introducing the next generation FlexBooks system. In addition to the current FlexBooks functionality, the new system introduces learning in the form of concepts, small units of content that can be used to learn or review a particular topic.

Friends of CK-12 are invited to explore their new system and help them improve by providing feedback. The system is a work in progress and regular updates will be made based on this feedback.

Click here to get started with the beta quick start guide and create an account. Existing CK-12 accounts are not a part of the new system yet, so an account specific to this new system will need to be created.

In other news, CK-12 Foundation and Encyclopedia of Life are joining forces to produce Understanding Biodiversity - a FlexBook for secondary level students, created by secondary level students.  Understanding Biodiversity will consist of species pages describing organisms studied in the life sciences.



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