Monday, March 5, 2012

COD - 3/5/2012 - Fifty Sneakers [Tools]


Fifty Sneakers is the sequel to the web-based tool, Quizinator, which appeared in a previous post nearly two years ago. Quizinator was an online resource library that could be used to organize and manage collections of questions and answers.

Fifty Sneakers includes all of Quizinator's features, but adds enhanced and expanded content management, networking, and sharing capabilities.


Principle features of Fifty Sneakers:

  • Build documents or online tests from content libraries.
  • Review automatically graded test results.
  • Track student scores and performance.
  • Form communities to share resources.

You create a document in Fifty Sneakers by selecting items from your Content Library and placing them anywhere you choose and in whatever format you need. If you change a content item in your library, that change is automatically pushed everywhere that content is being used. Information used in multiple locations will always be up to date everywhere.


As well as all the formatting options you have with documents, you also have numerous options for formatting tests and quizzes. For example, display question values, identify answers with letters or numbers, or set the document to randomize questions within each section.

The free Fifty Sneakers plan gives you up to 250 items in your content library and 10 PDF documents. Paid plans start at $5.99 (US) monthly. You can earn a premium level plan for free by sharing your work with the Fifty Sneakers Global Community. There are no setup or cancellation fees, and there are no contracts to sign.


You can make your document available for public download by sharing a link that Fifty Sneakers generates for you. Fifty Sneakers is available in English and Spanish.


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