Monday, March 12, 2012

COD - 3/12/2012 - My Life In Numbers [Data]



My Life In Numbers displays curious statistics, fun facts, and other interesting numbers updating live in real-time.

My Life In Numbers measures the numbers related to all sorts of events, in several different ways. For instance, they are currently counting down to the London 2012 Olympics in tube passengers and spam emails sent. Other examples are measuring the distance travelled by light since Thomas Edison was born, the number of lightning strikes since the iTunes App Store opened.

Visitors can create their own personal events so you could measure how many seconds you've been alive, how many marriages there have been since you met your partner, how much money the David Beckham has earned since you started your job, or how many flights there will be until you go on holiday.


There is also a free MyLifeInNumbers iOS app currently available from the iTunes App Store.



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