Monday, April 15, 2013

Featured: 4-15-2013 Presefy [Presenting]

Presefy is a just-out-of-beta web service which allows you to store and control your presentations anywhere you are. All your presentations are available and can be controlled via an Internet connection. 

You can broadcast and control your presentation using any web-capable mobile device. Presefy lets you use a smartphone or a tablet to stay in charge of the presentation, jump to any slide with ease, and more. Your audience can follow your presentation in their own browser, or a computer connected to a projector can serve to broadcast the presentation.

Store and share presentations securely in the Presefy cloud.  Presentations are ready to be presented anytime, anywhere. The basic plan limits you to having two presentations stored at any one time.

At the moment Presefy supports PPTPPTx, and PDFPresefy is designed with HTML5 so it is compatible with all platforms without any setup. There is nothing to download or install.

 Watch the video: Presefy - Go Mobile with your Presentations

The basic version of Presefy is free.  A Pro plan that will allow the storage of up to 20 presentations and other additional features is under development. 

Recently I posted here about a similar service, ElectricSlide, which is iOS app-based, whereas Presefy is browser-based and platform independent.

Note: I my trials of Presefy, I found that slides are presented in their entirety without support for builds and transitions. Also, there seemed to be an issue with images being cropped.


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