Monday, April 29, 2013

Featured: 4-29-2013 Autodesk 123D [3D Design]

The Autodesk 123D family of apps makes it possible for users to design, make, and share 3D projects on the web, using a computer, or with an iPad.

Autodesk 123D includes five apps: Design, Make, Catch, Sculpt, and Creature.

The 123D Design web app can be used on any computer with access to the Internet. Or, create designs and play around with shapes on your iPad. Powerful but simple creation and editing tools allow you to develop more sophisticated designs.

Make awesome objects with 123D Make. Select from stock 3D models, then experiment with different configurations, or upload your own and try out various construction techniques. Print the plans yourself,  cut-patterns and assembly instructions are automatically generated. Alternately, you may choose to have the parts cut precisely and delivered to you. Either way, you can then assemble your 3D project using simple tools like glue and pins.

Catch turns ordinary photos into 3D models. With Shape, push, pull, pinch, paint, smooth, grab, tug your designs into just what you want. Bulge, flatten, or refine your creation to achieve dramatic, comic, or frightening effects with Sculpt. Creature lets you design and 3D-print incredible characters right from your iPad.

Watch the video: Autodesk 123D: Create. Share. Make.


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