Friday, April 12, 2013

Stuff I Like: Forecast

Forecast is a new global, full-featured weather service that includes 7-day forecasts that cover the whole world, beautiful weather visualizations, and a time machine for exploring the weather in the past and far future.

The smooth radar animations in Forecast allow you to scrub up to a week into the future to see how storm systems will develop and evolve world-wide. Dragging the pin around explores different locations on the map.

Get up-to-the-minute forecasts that can predict rain or snow down to the minute at any location where Forecast can access radar coverage (currently the United States, the UK, Ireland, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico). hourly and daily forecasts cover the entire globe.

Hour-by-hour observations gathered from tens of thousands of ground stations world-wide, sometimes going back a hundred years, power a sort of “time machine” that lets you explore the past weather at any given location. This data has also been used to develop statistical forecasts for any day in the future.

Forecast tries to bridge the gap between too much and too little information by keeping the interface as simple as possible, but also providing links to additional detailed information.

Watch a video: CNET How To -- is a beautiful weather app for any Web device

You can access Forecast from all of your devices, your desktop/laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. There’s a mobile web version for your phone or tablet. It’s completely free.



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