Thursday, April 25, 2013

Featured: 4-25-2013 KnowRe [Math]

KnowRe is an online adaptive math learning program with the goal of helping students succeed in math.

KnowRe hopes to achieve this by:

  • Assessing individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Personalizing a curriculum for each student.

  • Engaging students with game-like features, attractive graphics, and social learning.

KnowRe develops a customized curriculum that focuses on helping each user better learn the topics that cause him/her problems. To accomplish this, the student is given review questions, access to concept videos, and much more, all of which adapt as the learner progresses.

KnowRe’s curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and is designed to provide the focus, coherence, and rigor required by the standards.

Watch a video introduction to KnowRe

KnowRe’s focus is to provide an engaging educational experience. Through the use of incentives like badges, points, and the ability to expand their math domain, all with stunning graphics, students engage with KnowRe and learning.


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