Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Featured: 6-18-2013 National Science Digital Library

NSDL org

The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) provides links to quality educational resources for teaching and learning online, with emphasis on the STEM disciplines.

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NSDL provides structured, descriptive information about web-based educational resources located on other sites. The providers contribute this metadata to NSDL where it is organized into a searchable resource.

Browse national educational standards, including the Common Core Math Standards and find NSDL resources that are associated with key learning goals. View the distribution of NSDL resources in graphical form and browse by education level, resource type, subject, and audience.

Although some resources are restricted to provider site membership, or may have a cost associated with them, most resources in the library adhere to principles of free Open Educational Resource (OER) access.


Partners in the National Science Digital Library network include STEM education organizations and institutions providing digital resource collections, services, partnering opportunities, and connections to communities over a full range of education levels and disciplines.


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