Thursday, June 20, 2013

Featured: 6-20-2013 OpenEd


The largest online catalog of educational videos aligned to Common Core and other standards is available at OpenEd.

OpenEd 1

Choose a standard group such as Math or Language Arts, followed by a category like Congruence or Speaking and Listening. Then select a standard and you will see resources related to it. You can filter by grade (K-12). Optionally, search for resources by keyword instead of by standard.

OpenEd 2

Registered users can also create courses on OpenEd.

Founded in 2012, Open Education Institute strives to enable teachers to have access to the best educational resources (videos, games, and exercises) for their students, especially resources tied to Common Core standards.

OpenEd is committed to providing this access free to all teachers worldwide. Most of the site's software (including the catalog itself) is open source.


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