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Featured: 6-5-2013 The AnswerPad

The Answer Pad

The Answer Pad is a browser-based student response system with two main components: Go Interactive and The Answer Sheets, and the option to use mobile devices.

The Answer Pad 1

Go Interactive engages and connects with students in the classroom for formative assessment that can be used to drive instruction.

Go Interactive provides seven different ways to take a snapshot of student understanding in the classroom. The Draw feature allows students to draw their answer or annotate on a customizable template such as an axis or graph paper. Teachers can upload their own custom graphics, too.  Having just been released in May 2013, Go Interactive Template Gallery offers a collection of different backgrounds that can be sent out to the students.

The Answer Pad 2

The Answer Sheets let teachers set up an online electronic answer sheet for paper tests using any of the eight different question types. The Answer Pad scores the tests and quizzes for you.  Students can also use a scratch pad to show their work. You can then view the scratch pad

The Answer Pad offers reports by skill, by class, and by student using a built-in, robust reporting system for item analysis. School and district implementations are available for aggregate reporting.


The Answer Pad is browser-based for teachers. Students may use a free iPad app, TAPit Free, or a browser. Teachers wishing to use the TAPit Free app with students must register for free.

 Watch an overview of The AnswerPad

The Answer Pad is free for one teacher to use in one class of up to 36 students. For multiple classes, more students, and other features, you must upgrade to AnswerPad+ ($10 annually per teacher).


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