Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catch of the Day - Xmarks - 3 Dec 09

Today's delectable catch is Xmarks

Install Xmarks on each computer you use and it seamlessly keeps your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync. Xmarks will sync your bookmarks across browsers, too, supporting Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (on Mac OS). Xmarks for Chrome is currently in the alpha development stage.

Xmarks Home Page

Some of the other features of Xmarks:
  • Xmarks will highlight the top sites in your Google results based on how many people have bookmarked them. Move your mouse over the site info icon to learn more about that site.
  • Click on the Xmarks site info icon in your location bar to see detailed information about the site you are on, and discover similar sites.
  • When you add a bookmark, Xmarks will automatically suggest a list of tags based on the tags other Xmarks users chose for that site.
  • Xmarks can securely sync your passwords across all your computers. Secure Password Sync is an optional feature (available only with Firefox) that lets you keep your saved passwords in sync between your computers.
  • Read Xmarks user reviews to see a more complete picture of a website. If you have experience with the site, you too can write a review.

Xmarks Site Info Icon

I've been using Xmarks for years, since it was known as Foxmarks and worked only with Firefox. It is a "must have" tool for me.


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