Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch of the Day - eHistory - 25 Jan 10

eHistory, a history resource site, is today's abundant catch

eHistory is a site managed by the Department of History at The Ohio State University teeming with history resources.

A Multimedia History blends images, audio, video and graphics with text, unlike a traditional encyclopedia entry or journal article, which is largely text-based.

From the Multimedia History Section

The eHistory Primary Sources and Documents section will be gathering documents, images, and other primary source material to help with teaching, learning, and the investigation of history. The collection will be searchable and will include results from other sections with primary sources like the Oral Histories and Maps and Images.

An Oral History from the Primary Sources Section

Origins is a free monthly publication in which an academic expert will analyze a current issue in a broader, deeper context. Origins will also include images, maps, graphs, and other material to supplement the essay.

Book Reviews are written by members of the Ohio State University History Department. Each month a thoughtful review of a recent book will be presented. The books featured here are of both scholarly significance and of appeal to a wide audience.

eHistory has thousands of images and hundreds of maps available on the site, many of them primary sources, which are fully searchable. More content will be added on an ongoing basis to better serve students, teachers and other history enthusiasts.

Maps and Image Section

The eHistory site may be used for personal and educational use where no profit is involved, unless the content in question is copyrighted by someone other than eHistory.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Great historical images on this site. This is a good one for teachers creating history presentations for students or for students putting together presentations.

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