Friday, April 15, 2011

Catch of the Day - Copyto - 4/15/2011


Copyto is a private bookmarking site that lets people save only the useful content from the pages that they find online.


The purpose of Copyto is to just mark the most important parts of a particular page rather than a link to the entire page. Even if the original page disappears or changes, you won't lose the content on your bookmarked page.

Clip only the wanted parts of pages by using or the browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. A small screenshot of your saved content will always be included with the bookmark making browsing your bookmarks easier.


You can share your bookmarks with contacts or groups on Copyto. You can also  share a bookmark with the the world by making it public.

Import bookmarks from Delicious, Firefox, Chrome or any other service that lets you export your bookmarks in Netscape bookmark format. All the content of these bookmarks will be saved to your Copyto account.


With the mobile version of Copyto you can add new bookmarks or search through your already collected items using your mobile device.



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