Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catch of The Day - Moneyville - 10/6/2011

Moneyville is an educational and fun website that was specially designed for school children 5-9 years old. With its entertaining games and various activities, your students can explore where money comes from, what money is worth, and how they can prioritize and save up.


Students are given their own house and room, as well as their own character. When a student leaves Moneyville, all of his or her money and belongings are automatically saved until the next visit.


In Moneyville, students can:

  • Make money by gathering apples and selling apple juice in the Apple Booth.
  • Sort packages at the Post Office and make money by helping out.
  • Earn money by helping to paint the City Gate.
  • Visit Karen's Shop, where they can purchase items for their personal rooms and clothing for their characters.
  • Answer a sorcerer's questions correctly to reveal the location of hidden treasure.
  • Use the Wish Jar to save up for things they would like to buy.
  • Travel in the Time Machine, a sanctuary where the only objective is to have fun.

There is a special area of Moneyville for 8-9 year olds where they can learn about finances on a more abstract level, such as making decisions that can affect their finances for as long as a year.


Moneyville is part of a National Irish Bank program for financial understanding and investing in education.


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