Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch of the Day - GET THE MATH - 3/2/2011


GET THE MATH is a multimedia project designed to help middle and high school students develop algebraic thinking skills for solving real world problems. Kids see how professionals working in fashion, video game design, and music production use algebraic thinking.


GET THE MATH video segments begin with profiles of young professionals in those industries, who then present challenges related to their jobs to teams of teens.  At that point, kids are invited to take on the challenges themselves using the interactive tools provided on the GET THE MATH website. Afterwards they can go back to the video to see the teams’ solutions.


Students can further explore the algebra concepts through Web-only extensions of the challenges using similar interactive tools to further explore the same algebra concepts.


GET THE MATH online resources for teachers include a training video showing how to use GET THE MATH materials in the classroom and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans.


GET THE MATH is distributed by WNET13-New York and American Public Television and is made possible by the Moody's Foundation.



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