Saturday, March 26, 2011

What EDge21 is All About


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I learned in my experience both as a classroom teacher and later guiding teachers in the integration of technology, the most in-demand commodity is time. Few teachers have enough time to explore the web in search of classroom resources, let alone assess their value and usefulness and learn how to implement them. With the likelihood of staff reductions, larger classes, and increased workloads, teachers' time will only become even more crowded.

So often, when I introduce a teacher to a new web resource or tool, I would hear, "I never imagined such a thing existed," or some similar sentiment. Broadly speaking, you don't know what amazing things are out there and you don't have much opportunity to just look around and discover.

Initially, this blog was created to serve the teachers I was working with as a Classrooms for the Future coach in the Moshannon Valley School District. I soon realized that if this information was useful locally, maybe other teachers elsewhere would also find it so. After all, I could share this information globally just as easily as locally. So, EDge21 was born.

My goal is to give you one website, tool, or product each day as the "Catch of the Day" and supply you with enough information to help you make an informed decision as to whether it is worth your time and effort to explore it further.

I usually include some larger screenshots to give you a visual sense of the site. If I can find a good video demo or overview, I like to include a link to it. Though I focus mostly on free, if there is a cost involved, I'll provide whatever info on that I can find. Only you can decide if something justifies the spending of sparse resources.

I try to not infuse too much of my own opinion. I was a math teacher. As such, I am not particularly well equipped to judge the quality or usefulness of a website aimed at history teachers or elementary classrooms. You are the best person to decide if a site or product integrates into what you do and how you might use it.

From time to time, I will post updates on sites or products that have been the subject of earlier posts. I occasionally will post about miscellaneous education or technology related items as well if they seem as though they may have value to you.

EDge21 is about sharing educational technology in easily digestible snacks, not as an all-you-can-eat bloating buffet. It is my belief that throwing even 4 or 5 items at you everyday can still be too much for a lot of teachers. When I see lists of the 100 best this or 50 ways to use that, I really wonder how useful people find those. How many people really get past the first few items?

With EDge21, I am trying to keep it simple, informative, and helpful. How am I doing?


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KFouss said...

I think you're doing a great job! I've found a bunch of new tools and sites through your helpful daily tidbits. And you're right - I always look at the top 50 (or whatever) lists and rarely make it past the top 5 or so. I love the one-a-day idea!

Thank you!

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