Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catch of the Day - Ford Driving Skills for Life - 3/17/2011

Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) is a free comprehensive program that includes several learning tools to help teach newly licensed teen drivers the necessary skills for safe driving.


Ford DSFL helps young drivers improve their skills in four critical areas that are factors in more than half of vehicle crashes including:

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Speed Management
  • Space Management


The Ford DSFL website includes four study modules and a quiz, car care videos, several interactive games, including curriculum about the importance of eco-driving to personal safety and the environment.

The Electronic Educator packet can be used by students and parents at home, as well as educators in the classroom and community settings. This packet includes an in-depth video focused on each of the four driving skills, a letter for parents, a letter for educators, a leader's guide, and brochures.


Ride-and-Drives let teens get behind the wheel and go through exercises on the four Ford DSFL skills. These provide opportunities for teens to gain experience, with a professional instructor at their side.

Watch a video overview of Ford DSFL


Ford DSFLwas established in 2003 by Ford Motor Company Fund, the Governors Highway Safety Association, and a panel of safety experts.



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