Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch of the Day - Hot English Method - 3/28/2011

The unique Hot English Method offers a link between a structured course and up-to-date material. The Hot English MethodSkills Booklets have the structure and syllabus of a typical language course, while the Hot English Magazine offers fresh, up-to-date material based on real people in current situations.


The focal points of the Hot English Method:

  • Quality classes based on up-to-date news and events
  • An innovative method based on real people and real situations
  • Regular testing and a clear syllabus

Each Skills Booklet consists of approximately 100 pages divided into units which include a vocabulary section, a language/grammar section, and a speaking task. The Skills Booklets offer a comprehensive syllabus for every level. There are Teacher’s Guides with ideas on how to use the material in class.


The topics and language in the Skills Booklets are linked directly to material in Hot English Magazine, a 48-page, glossy, color, monthly magazine that’s divided into four levels that tie in with the Hot English MethodSkills Booklets. Hot English Magazine comes with an audio CD or MP3 sound files. For teachers, there’s a monthly pack called the Teacher’s Notes that includes ideas on using Hot English Magazine in class.


Watch a video "Hot English method - what is it?"

You can subscribe to free weekly English resources from Hot English Method that include a new weekly lesson, audio, and access to 5 weeks of previous lessons.


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