Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catch of the Day - I Learn Fast Software - 3/16/2011

Algebra Explained from I Learn Fast Software is a planned series of 15 iOS apps each corresponding to a typical chapter of an algebra textbook.


Like a chapter in a traditional algebra book, each app contains 10-20 lessons. However, I Learn Fast Software'sAlgebra Explained includes video content for each lesson, introducing a new skill or concept and reviewing prior learning. Each lesson includes 10 carefully designed practice problems, carefully sequenced to help learners progress from the basics into more complex problems. Problem content cycles in previous lessons so, at the conclusion of the series, students will retain proficiency in the entire series.


The Algebra Explained instructor, Jamie, provides clear, concise, lively, and engaging lessons for students of all levels. Her lessons apply algebra concepts in real world examples designed to give students the skills and motivation to succeed at algebra.



Watch a sample lesson from I Learn Fast Software's YouTube channel

The mission of I Learn Fast Software is to "improve achievement of all students by providing high quality educational products at an affordable price using handheld devices that appeal to learners of all ages."


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