Saturday, September 7, 2013

EDge21 Extra: Common Core Implementation Gap Analysis

Common Core Implementation Gap Analysis

The Common Core Implementation Gap Analysis is a 25 question, 30-45 minute survey that assesses the status of your transition to the Common Core State Standards and facilitates critical thinking about the implementation process.

Because the CCSS Action plan is most valuable and effective when survey responses are representative of an entire district, rather than individual schools, only surveys completed at a district level will receive the free action plan.

Within 48 hours you will be contacted with a report on your transition and an evaluation of your results.

Your report is organized around eight core categories to create an action plan for successful implementation:

  • leadership
  • budget
  • communication
  • instruction
  • college and career readiness curriculum
  • assessment/data
  • technology
  • professional learning

This Common Core Implementation Gap Analysis survey is being conducted by Wireless Generation, Inc.


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