Thursday, September 26, 2013

Featured: 9-26-2013 Typeform


Based in Barcelona, Typeform is a new cloud based service that allows you to create innovative forms and surveys that function seamlessly across all devices.

Typeform 1

Typeform is for anyone who wants to provide users responding to questions online a more enjoyable experience. In order to improve completion rates, Typeform strives to engage users like no other type of webform has.

Typeform allows anyone to create cross-platform 'typeforms' intuitively with a minimum of effort. One of the goals of the creators of Typeform is to assure the people building typeforms would enjoy making them as much as the users filling them in.

A single typeform is compatible with desktops, smartphones, tablets, blogs, websites, even Facebook. This, along with multi-language support, means your forms and surveys can reach the largest possible audience.

Typeform 2

Get insightful usage metrics across devices, and generate great looking reports, or export the data for further analysis.

 Watch a Typeformdemo video

Typeform is currently in beta and and can be used free. It will likely eventually be subscription based and competitively priced, but with a 'freemium' option.


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