Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Featured: 9-25-2013 Kaizena

 Kaizena 3

Kaizena reinvents the teacher feedback process. It’s as easy as highlighting and speaking. Voice comments make your feedback personal and engaging.

Kaizena 1

Giving feedback with Kaizena is faster than using a word processor, or even a red pen with its negative connotations. Kaizena is built to save you time, allowing prompt, useful feedback.

Other features of Kaizena:

  • Students can respond to your feedback with a voice comment of their own.
  • Support for text comments.
  • Attach a resource.

Kaizena 2

Common problems can be taken care of with reusable mini-lessons. Add a link once, and reuse it every time you encounter that same problem.

 See a video demo of Kaizena by Greg Mcverry

Kaizena works seamlessly with your Google Drive workflow. No new usernames or passwords are needed.


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