Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Featured: 9-10-2013 Rewordify

Rewordify com

Rewordify is powerful, free, online reading comprehension software designed to help people comprehend difficult English faster and learn words in new ways.

Rewordify com 1

Paste a difficult English sentence, paragraph, or more, or enter a website URL and click the 'Rewordify text' button. You'll get an easier-to-understand version of the text. The modified version is also specially highlighted to help build vocabulary.

Rewordify com 2

The Rewordify technology aims to develop independent learners by helping people read, understand, and learn what they want to read, on their own.

 Watch a video overview of Rewordify

 Try the RewordifyTeacher Demo

Rewordify is completely free. There's nothing to register for, no app to buy, no software to install. The site displays no ads and requires no log-in or user registration.


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