Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Featured: 9-17-2013 Classmint

Classmint com

Classmint is an interactive study notes tool that lets anyone create annotatable, audible, notes that can be folded like a paper.

Classmint com 1

Classmint notes makes it possible to add complex math, computer code, and images to notes, as well as having the ability to explain notes with text and image annotations to create more useful notes.

Image annotations can reveal information on your mouse-clicks, enabling learners to retrieve information on-demand. Notes can be played in a text-to-speech audio-visual player. Students can learn concepts by reading and listening to the study material.

Classmint com 2

Classmint also maintains an automated 'revision' list to aid in the process of reviewing the notes on a subject, especially in preparation for an examination. Notes are designed to simulate the popular Cornell Notes format. Users can digitally fold the notes like paper and try to recall concepts.

 See a video overview of Classmint

Currently, Classmint is completely free to use and ad-free.


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