Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catch of the Day - Edheads - 30 Sep 09

Today's fresh-from-the-sea catch is Edheads

Edheads brings you high-quality, free interactive activities for your classroom such as Design a Cell Phone, Crash Machine, Virtual Knee Surgery, Simple Machines, and others.

Edheads helps students learn through games and activities designed to meet state and national standards. By partnering with school systems in the United States, Edheads is able to research, design and test their activities with real students.

Edheads Home Screenshot

Edheads stated mission is to create unique, educational Web experiences designed to make hard-to-teach concepts understandable using the power and interactivity of the Internet. To set a new standard for excellence by delivering in-depth content in a fresh, exciting style allowing the user to learn intuitively in an online environment.

Virtual Knee Surgery Screenshot

All the Edheads activities will have connections to national standards in their teacher guides which can be found with each activity.

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Alex said...

Hey there, Great catch! I'll be sure to bookmark it and use it, either to assign homework activities or in class. Thank so much for sharing it. :)

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