Friday, June 25, 2010

Catch of the Day - National Lab Day - Jun 25, 2010


National Lab Day is a US initiative to develop communities of support that will nurture project-based learning collaborations among students, teachers, and volunteers.


Volunteers, college students, STEM professionals, and other community members work together with teachers and students to bring discovery-based science experiences to grades K-12.


When an educator posts a project to the National Lab Day system, the NLD network can help them get the resources needed to realize that project.

As the experts on their students and classrooms, teachers are the center of the National Lab Day initiative. Teachers know what they need to improve the hands-on learning experiences of their students. Teachers work with local volunteers to meet those needs.


National Lab Day volunteers (university students or professionals in science, technology, engineering, or math) are asked to work with local elementary, middle, and high schools to help them do more project-based learning with their students.


videoicon.gifWatch a video introduction to National Lab Day



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Mrs. Tenkely said...

What an outstanding idea! It is a great idea to bring together teachers, classrooms, and universities to build a community of learning like this. Very cool!

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