Thursday, April 11, 2013

Featured: 4/11/2013 Math for Morons Like Us [Math]

Math for Morons Like Us is a site created by students for students. You'll find tutorials, sample problems, and quizzes, even a place to submit questions. A formula database gives quick access and explanations to all those tricky formulas.

The creators of Math for Morons Like Us hope this site will clarify some of those confusing math concepts and help you better understand important math math ideas.

Math for Morons Like Us covers everything from pre-algebra to calculus. In the Learn section, you will find tutorials, sample problems, and quizzes. This site is designed with the assumption that you know some of the basic concepts but need some reinforcement, or you want to review things you learned in the past.  A short quiz after each tutorial lets you  test yourself on what you've just learned or reviewed.

You can communicate with others using the site's Message Board where someone else can be asked for some quick help. And, there is a separate Calculus Message Board for calc students only.

Use the Formula Database to search for commonly used formulas.  You can also add new equations to the collection.

The Educators section of Math for Morons Like Us can become a useful resource for teachers. For example, the teacher may let accelerated students get an introduction to the next math level.


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