Monday, November 7, 2011

BetterLesson New Lesson Management Features

BetterLesson, a website to connect teachers and enable them to create, organize, and share their best curricula, has been the subject of several earlier posts this year.


Several new features have recently been added to BetterLesson:

  • You can now embed lesson plans written in MS Word, Excel, or other kinds of document templates directly into the "Lesson Plan " area of the lesson page.
  • You can now pull resources directly into the lesson page using the "My Files" browser. From the "Edit Lessons" page you can now add files in either of two ways: use the "Upload" link to add files from your computer or "My Files" to add files already in your curriculum.
  • As you modify and improve your lessons, you can replace old files with their latest versions using the "Upload New Version" feature.
  • With a Premium account, teachers who are members of the BetterLesson community can now collaborate on full courses.

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