Monday, November 7, 2011

Catch of The Day - The TechMatrix - 11/7/2011



The TechMatrix is a web-based tool to help locate educational and assistive technology products for students with disabilities.


The TechMatrix is searchable by keyword and lets visitors find and compare educational and assistive technology products side-by-side to help them make informed decisions. Resources are grouped into four main content areas: math, science, reading, and writing.


The TechMatrix offers these tools to educators of students with disabilities:

  • Consumer Guides (downloadable PDFs) help school administrators and educational technology vendors learn what questions to ask and how to make informed decisions.
  • The EdTech Locator for Technology Implementation and related materials are designed to help you evaluate where you stand in the integration of technology.
  • Hot Topics InfoPages help you find more information on specific topics by accessing targeted resources, research, professional development materials, and custom-designed searches.


The TechMatrix is a product of the National Center for Technology Innovation and the Center for Implementing Technology in Education with support from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs and the NEC Foundation of America.



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