Thursday, October 31, 2013

Featured: 10-31-2013 Chronicle

Chronicle for iPad on the App Store on iTunes

Using all the features of the iOS platform, Chronicle from Powerhouse Education provides teachers with an app designed to efficiently inform instruction and chronicle student growth.

Power House Education

Utilizing multi-media technology, Chronicle enables teachers to quickly capture, and share, student progress with text, photos, audio, and video. Teachers can select any type of note and designate it as an artifact, a note that the teacher would like to recognize as a benchmark of student progress.

Chronicle's unique Traffic Light allows teachers to quickly assess understanding, achievement, or progress by tapping the corresponding traffic light signal next to each student, assigning the student the color red, yellow, or green.

Chronicle for iPad on the App Store on iTunes 2

Chronicle allows you to easily import Common Core Standards and incorporate them into your daily teaching routine.

The Chronicle Gradebook offers a number of rich, informative features, such as easily accessible comments, color-coded tracking of student progress, and quick calculation of class average.

 Watch the Chronicletrailer

Powerhouse Education was founded by husband and wife teachers, Andy and Ellen Raupp with the aim of "providing teachers with the tools to effectively and more easily implement educational best practices, knowing that empowered teachers will yield stronger, more successful students."

Chronicle is $19.99 (US) from the iTunes Store. It requires an iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.


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