Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Featured: 12-10-2013 Women@NASA

Women NASA

Women@NASA includes a collection of 64 videos and essays from women across NASA who contribute to the agency's mission in many different ways.

Women NASA 2

The stories of these women are meant to illuminate the "vibrant community of dedicated women employees who play a vital role at the agency." These women have conquered almost every conceivable hurdle to pursue their dreams. 

It's NASA's hope the stories at Women@NASA will inspire girls everywhere to "reach for the stars" and explore the variety of opportunities available to them by aspiring to STEM careers.

Women NASA 1

They hope to encourage young women to enter into STEM majors in college and careers as young professionals by providing the proper resources and the guidance necessary to enter and remain in STEM careers.

 Watch Women at NASA: Dreams

The Women@NASA website was created in response to the Executive Order, signed March 11, 2009, establishing the White House Council on Women and Girls. It was created by the NASA Open Government team to encourage transparency, participation, and collaboration and create a new level of openness and accountability at NASA.


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