Monday, June 16, 2014

Featured 6-16-2014: ParticiPoll

How To
ParticiPoll is an audience polling add-in for PowerPoint that allows audience members to use their own devices to votes.

ParticiPoll is easy to use. With PowerPoint, create a slide with up to six answer choices. Use the ParticiPoll menu to set options, then click ‘Insert Poll’ and a results bar will appear on the slide. Press the ‘Start Polling” button, log in, and run your presentation.
Direct your audience to your assigned URL to vote and see the live vote count. When all votes are in advance your presentation to see the poll results.
How To 1
Features of ParticiPoll:
  • Clicker-free system that uses your audience members' devices
  • Simple to install PowerPoint add-in
  • Drop polls straight into your slides without telling ParticiPoll the questions and answers
  • View and download historic poll data and anonymous comments (Pro version)
 See a video overview of ParticiPoll
ParticiPoll is free to use for unlimited live audience polling in PowerPoint. To access audience comments, historic charts, and to download results data you’ll need to purchase the Pro version at £2.99 (about $5 US) per month or £29.99 ($50 US) for a whole year.

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