Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catch of the Day - Big Universe - 30 Mar 10

Today's fresh catch is Big Universe

Big Universe is an education web site for grades K-8. This engaging web site uses attractive picture books to encourage the love of reading, writing and learning.

Big Universe Home Page

Big Universe is an anywhere, anytime, standards-based education resource connecting teachers, students, and parents.

Read Books

Some of what Big Universe offers...
  • Big Universe Reader™ - Read hundreds of fiction and nonfiction children's books from today's best publishers online.
  • Big Universe Author™ - Create, print, and publish animated e-books using an easy-to-use writing tool and more than 7000 images.
  • Big Universe Community™ - Safely share a bookshelf, recommendations, and published books only with selected peers or with thousands of other members.
Create, Print, Publish, and Share

Books can be instantly accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Students can use their accounts at school and at home, making the books and tools available to both the child and parents at home.

Book Sample

At Big Universe, test a child's comprehension of books read with online quizzes. Detailed reports help to assess progress at a student or classroom level.

Watch a video "What is BigUniverse.com"

Big Universe
offers a number of pricing plans starting with a free, but limited Lite option with a single account up to a school-wide plan with unlimited reading, creating, sharing, and publishing for up to a thousand accounts.

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

I haven't been to Big Universe in a while, it looks like they got a makeover! Great updates and new look. Thank you for putting this one on my radar again!

Nick Provenzano said...

This site looks like it would be a ton of fun for the middle school teachers in my district. I will make sure to pass this along to them. Thanks for sharing this cool site.

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