Friday, March 12, 2010

Catch of the Day - Notecards - 12 Mar 10

Notecards for iPhone/iPod Touch is the catch today

Notecards is another iPhone/iPod Touch flashcard app. Notecards lets you create and keep track of all your flash cards.

Notecards offers six different study methods including: sequential, shuffle, groups, worst, growing groups, and shrinking. Sequential and shuffle are self explanatory. When using the "groups" study method Notecards has you study a group of flash cards until you get a certain percent correct, then you move onto the next group. When using the "worst" study method Notecards only has you study flash cards in which the percent correct is less than a value defined by you. The "growing groups" option starts you with a small group of flash cards and then, as you get good at those cards, it adds more flash cards to study at the same time. Finally, "shrinking cards" allows you to study your shuffled flash cards but you can throw out a card at any time.

As you study, Notecards tracks your percent correct for each stack as well as each individual card. This way, you can easily find what cards you have mastered and which need more studying.

Notecards Features…
  • Unlimited flash cards (full version)
  • Unlimited flash card stacks (full version)
  • Six study methods
  • Study front to back and back to front
  • Track percent correct for flash cards and stacks
  • Share over Wi-Fi
  • Free desktop application for importing and creating flash cards on your Mac

Notecards Desktop

Notecards has a free desktop application (for Macs only) that lets you create flash cards on your computer and then sync them to your mobile device using a simple and efficient interface. The Notecards desktop application also allows you to import and export CSV files. You can also import flash cards from a plain text file.

The full version of Notecards with unlimited cards and stacks is $1.99 from the iTunes app store. The free Lite version allows 5 stacks with up to 10 cards each.
iTunes app store links: Full version | Lite version


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

I told one of my 5th graders about the Notecards app and he didn't believe that it existed. He was so excited that he had a "fun" way to study for an upcoming test and could use his iPod to do it. He is just using the Lite version now, but his mom emailed me and said he has been begging for her to buy him the full version. Study success!

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