Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catch of the Day - Have Fun Teaching - 25 Mar 10

Have Fun Teaching is today's scrumptious catch

HaveFunTeaching, created by an elementary teacher, specializes in fun worksheets, coloring pages, songs for kids, educational videos, fun activities, and teacher tools.

Have Fun Teaching Home Page

Have Fun Teaching is a resource that is free for everyone. Content is updated daily with new worksheets, videos, flash cards, coloring pages, and more. One of the more unique offerings of Have Fun Teaching is a collection of high quality songs for learning with content-rich lyrics for kids.

Songs for Kids Section

Have Fun Teaching categories…
  • Fun, Colorful, Grade Level Worksheets
  • High Quality Full Page Coloring Pages
  • Single-Sided and Double-Sided Flash Cards
  • Kid's Songs for Learning
  • Educational Movies To Use With Your Lesson Plans
  • Fun Activities and Games for the Classroom
  • and Teacher Tools

Teacher Tools Section

You can connect with Have Fun Teaching through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, You Tube, the Have Fun Teaching blog, and a free email newsletter.


1 comment:

Mrs. Tenkely said...

This is exactly what I needed today! Thanks, I was coming up dry for a literacy resource and one of the songs on this site will fit the bill perfectly. This post couldn't have come at a better time :)

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