Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catch of the Day - - 18 Mar 10

The catch of today is, blogging for pre-high school students is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each of their students a unique, safe blog of their own. Home Page is designed and built by teachers so students can get the most out of the blogging experience. provides a safe and simple blogging platform suitable for elementary and middle school students. Teachers can monitor and control all publishing activity within the classroom blog.

Create a Class Blog has privacy features that put student safety first. Teachers have administrative control over all student blogs and student accounts. By default, students' blogs are private - viewable only by classmates and the teacher. Comment privacy settings block unsolicited comments from outside sources.

Semi-public blogs requiring a password to view students' posts and comments can be set up so that guests, parents for example, can have access. is simple...
  • No need to memorize usernames, simple login menus allow students to select their name from a list.
  • Clutter-free design means more time publishing.
  • Easy for students to find classmates' blogs. does not collect any personal information from teachers or students. Nor does it include advertising of any kind.



Mrs. Tenkely said...

Clearly this is teacher created, usernames from a list is brilliant! Do you know if the teacher gets notified when students comment or publish a new post?

Thomas Boito said...

I believe so. We're setting one up for the first time next week, so I'll let you know.

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