Wednesday, May 23, 2012

COD - 5/23/2012 - ThinkBinder [Study]

ThinkBinder means to change how students study with their peers. They have constructed a study group environment around a simple, focused set of tools to allow you to work more efficiently.

ThinkBinder believes that group discussions, shared notes, and real-time interactions should be maintained in a private hub uncluttered by e-mail and generic cloud solutions.

ThinkBinder has tools to:

  • Discuss. Ask questions, upload videos, share links, and more.
  • Chat. Study live with your peers via text and video chat.
  • Share. Share videos, pictures, and links directly with their bookmark button.
  • Collaborate. Work on problems together with a collaborative whiteboard.
  • Manage. Keep your group calendar and files organized in the cloud for easy access.

Watch a video: Meet ThinkBinder

ThinkBinder tools are designed to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration. Sign on and, all in one place, ask a question about homework, work through a problem on a collaborative whiteboard, then video chat with study partners.


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