Tuesday, May 29, 2012

COD - 5/29/2012 - QuizSlides [Assessment]

QuizSlides is an innovative web-based platform for multiple-choice testing. Create stylish, interactive test slideshows that are generated automatically from PowerPoint or PDF documents.

Multiple-choice tests can be used for two quite different purposes. They can be used for quizzes intended for formative or self assessment, or they can be used for summative assessments, exams. Quizzes and exams have different requirements. Because of this there are two kinds of slideshows: QuizSlides & ExamSlides.
With QuizSlides, users get to see how they are doing and also what the right answers are as they go along. This makes them ideal for self- and formative assessment.
ExamSlides are intended to be used for multiple-choice exams. ExamSlides have a number of features and options that are important for summative exams but not necessarily appropriate for quizzes.

QuizSlides has been designed to work well on iPads and other touchscreen devices. The whole slideshow creation process can be easily executed on an iPad using Apple's Keynote app and a web browser.

Test results are viewable and downloadable, and QuizSlides calculates overall test statistics such as apparent question difficulty, etc. Use of QuizSlides is currently completely free.

QuizSlides launched in April of this year. It was developed in collaboration with London South Bank University in the UK, where it was used to deliver over 5,000 multiple-choice tests during private beta testing.


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